Lund is not only home of the oldest Scandinavian University but also home to us – we are deeply rooted in its innovation ecosystem and are part of the innovation district. Many of Cleantech Scandinavia´s oldest members and friends, e.g. Alfa Laval, TetraPak, Sony, Lund University, Max IV or the ESS are based here. At the same time, Brunnshög is a super-modern city part, not only next door, but also close in other ways where we have introduced innovation by the merry dozen and some of the GTV companies are directly linked to the development projects there.
Future by Lund is Lund´s very own innovation think tank and operated int he space between academia and application – their credo of breaking down innovation silos is certainly not a strange one to us and we have in them a trusted partner for projects and discussions. They also happen to share the office space in which the GTV is residing – cue many an impromptu meeting with surprising outcome.