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Welcome to the first cleantech community in Europe, the GreenTech Village.

Situated in the creative heart of Lund, the GreenTech Village offers unique opportunities for cleantech companies to participate in business development activities, collaborative projects, and international events. The GTV offers a creative open-office hub and smaller offices; both available through our soft-landing package. We are proud to provide companies with not just the first and only cleantech accelerator in the EU but also with a lively cooperative atmosphere amongst peers.

Why go the road alone when you can do so much more together?!

The GTV is the home-base for a variety of innovative companies working on changing the future for the better with their solutions.
We provide the ground for corporations, researchers, academia, and policy makers to break down innovation silos and shape the future together.

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We can help your cleantech start-up to grow and achieve a real, positive impact. According to your needs, we introduce you to investors, industrial partners and customers and we facilitate your entry into global markets.

Together we unlock growth, making a plan with specific goals for success to discover your individual needs and adapt our support accordingly.
Based on your individual growth plan we will provide exclusive matchmaking with the long-standing close network of Cleantech Scandinavia’s industrial partners, investors, energy utilities, real estate actors and cities and many more. We will bring you to cleantech events where you can showcase your innovation and establish important business contacts – globally.
Through our extensive networks and market partners we are able to open doors for you like no one else. We help you to get funding, engage in development partnerships and find industrial customers! Through our international partners we can provide support for global growth in Europe, North America, Singapore and China.
We also provide the opportunity to work side by side with and learn from your peers in the industry – get inspired by our international community, right here at the GTV.

Meet the centre of our universe – for us everything revolves around the GTV companies.

We’re also extremely fortunate to call on a network of distinguished innovation partners helping for all those cool projects and crazy ideas. If you like to become one of them, don’t hesitate to get in touch

  • GreenTech Village Company: Mbegu Solar

    Mbegu are a true grass-roots startup that was formed with the help of Cleantech Scandinavia´s Impact Venture Builder Program and has since made progress in leaps and bounds. …

  • GreenTech Village Company: Ekolution

    Swedish design meets bio-based sustainable buildings – Ekolution are a complete provider that develops, produces, sells, and installs sustainable bio-based composites, building systems and related innovative building materials. Considering …

    Circularity and Sustainable Building
  • GreenTech Village Company: Oisann Enginnering

    Oisann Engineering is focused on innovating, developing and commercialising technologies that address large scale challenges in a sustainable manner.  Innovations must reduce negative impact …

    Desalination and Water Management
  • GreenTech Village Company: EMULATE

    Emulate is developing a solution for creating inexpensive energy storage for the electricity grid at scale. Our cloud platform enables electricity retailers to integrate with their customer’s IOT enabled devices and …

    Grid and Energy
  • GreenTech Village Company: The Quantum Group

    The Quantum Group (TQG) develops smart DC microgrids for a world in which renewable energy plays an increasingly important role. Smart DC microgrids allow the on-site …

    Grid and Energy
  • GreenTech Village Company: Kasi Technologies

    Kasi Tech have developed a dual hybrid system called NESS, with a centre section that slots seamlessly between OME generator and turbocharger …

  • GreenTech Village Company: Elonroad

    Elonroad is a high-tech electric road concept that auto charges all types of electrical vehicles when parked as well as when …

    Automotive and E-infrastructure
  • GreenTech Village Company: Loop IT

    “Today, only 1 % of materials remain in use 6 months after the product is sold. This leads to more than 22 billion tons of annual emissions of …

    Circular Economy and Packaging/Logistics
  • GreenTech Village Company: Penaka Solar

    Penaka Solar’s technology is combining three major sustainable business domains: Agriculture, Solar, Water are rolled into an efficient, mutually profitable module, all on the same piece of land, in a way …

    Energy Management and Water Management
  • GreenTech Village Company: Dimon Systems

    We ♥ Cleantech: We see our collaboration with the GreenTech Village & Cleantech Scandinavia as an important step to reach our goal – giving Dimon a place …

    IoT and Smart Building
  • GreenTech Village Company: Vaquita Technologies

    “Vaquita Technologies’ digitalizes the water quality assessment to provide data of surface waters, storm waters and even process waters, making costly and burdensome water sampling by hand an …

    IoT and Water Management
  • GreenTech Village Company: Polylabs

    PolyLabs is a chemical production company with expertise is manufacturing bio polyol – a polyol synthesized from renewable materials, such as rapeseed or tall oils. (Today production capacity is up to 6000 t p.a. …

    Chemicals and Circular Economy
  • GreenTech Village Company: Retex Panels

    RETEX manufactures innovative construction materials made from 100% recycled textile, plastic and rubber waste. The waste will be recycled into new products, which support the …

    Circularity and Sustainable Building
  • GreenTech Village Company: IoDIT

    Around 70% of the global freshwater is used for agriculture where up to 50% is being wasted due to overwatering. Coupled with global warming and …

    IoT and Water Management
  • GreenTech Village Company: Rebase Energy

    Rebase Energy provides an AI-ready weather forecast data API and a platform for forecasting and optimization that empower energy companies in an API-first and fully modular way – …

    AI and Grid and Energy

The centrestone of engagement – the collaboration with our distinguished network.

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