Kasi Tech have developed a dual hybrid system called NESS, with a centre section that slots seamlessly between OME generator and turbocharger systems and can provide additional e-boost. This technology for combustion engine can cost-effectively reduce real CO2 impact on vehicle fleet average. This solution supports all current OEM product functions, such as start/stop, brake and waste heat energy recovery, mechanical & electrical supercharging, and turbocharging. NESS is 100% retrofittable yielding 13-18% fuel and resultant emissions savings at 70% lower production cost than competing solutions. The transformation towards a fully electric mobility world will take decades and even then, there will be combustion/based engines, for example hydrogen or e-fuel based. KASI provide both a “bridging technology” as well as a inexpensive and easily-fitted reduction for fleets of vehicles using ICEs in the future.