PolyLabs is a chemical production company with expertise is manufacturing bio polyol – a polyol synthesized from renewable materials, such as rapeseed or tall oils. (Today production capacity is up to 6000 t p.a. In the next 3 years increase capacity to 10 000 t p.a.). Renewable sources are better suited for high quality polyol production than conventional raw materials. Their unique advantages do not cost more than the average polyols; Polylabs clients are manufacturers of polyurethane systems, manufacturers of construction (insulation material, or foam), shipbuilding, car manufacture, transport, household production units (refrigerators, and water heaters), sports equipment manufacturing, pipe insulation, furniture, design, packaging, and other companies manufacturing products using polyurethane.
The overall market in 2021 is close to 4,3 billion € and growing steadily. The bio carbon content in our Bio Polyols is 70% – 83%, the product has a stable, competitive price, and has at least equal (often surpassing) characteristics to orthodox petrochemically-sourced products.