Oisann Engineering is focused on innovating, developing and commercialising technologies that address large scale challenges in a sustainable manner.  Innovations must reduce negative impact on the planet while providing greater benefit.  To help address the water crisis, we have patented the Waterfountain offshore desalination system which leverages the power of nature.

Waterfountain is a scalable system with daily production ranging from 2,000 m3 to 200,000 m3.  The fully automated units can be relocated and are removed at end of life.  No chemicals required, 50% reduction in operating costs, 35% reduction in construction costs,powered by renewable energy (old off-shore windparks), over 90% reduction in land required,over 95% reduction in brine salinity.
The tech has the potential to revolutionize global water supplies and solve a hidden yet highly damaging waste and wastewater problem.
As a result, Waterfountain can help bring water to the 2.2 billion people who do not have access to clean water and create jobs; UNESCO estimates 1.35 billion jobs are likely heavily water dependent.  Also, half a billion people live under severe water insecurity which can lead to conflict and migration.  By providing water, Waterfountain can reduce water insecurity and subsequent forced migration.

Together with Greentech Village, we will solve companies’ or regional water challenges and help utilities sustainably and cost effectively provide water.