Emulate is developing a solution for creating inexpensive energy storage for the electricity grid at scale. Our cloud platform enables electricity retailers to integrate with their customer’s IOT enabled devices and our algorithms package the collection of flexible loads as a virtual battery that seamlessly integrates into existing trading platforms. Our vision is to enable every citizen and every device to become an active player in electrification and energy transition.
Emulate´s virtual battery system builds on using the flexibility on the energy demand-side, a capacity hitherto untapped. Flexible capacities from HVAC systems and EVs are matched with battery users (customers) via a flexibility bank. Interest rates for flexibility “deposits” and payments for charging/discharging usage are controlled here.
Emulate’s algorithms schedule consumption of charging/thermal loads in such a way that satisfies all consumer comfort constraints while making them appear to the power system as a battery, which can store a certain amount of energy and absorb and release it at a certain rate.
The Greentech Village & Cleantech Scandinavia provide invaluable support in our journey – being a part of this ecosystem gives us access to the stakeholders necessary to build and scale a cleantech startup.

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