The Quantum Group (TQG) develops smart DC microgrids for a world in which renewable energy plays an increasingly important role. Smart DC microgrids allow the on-site production and consumption of solar and wind energy for carbon neutral solutions such as electric vehicle charging and green hydrogen. This shift toward a modern solution is necessary to reduce the AC grid instability, the likelihood of outages, and to transition toward a more affordable and reliable energy supply.

The key element developed by The Quantum Group are their smart DC transformers which work from low to medium voltages purely in DC. They have a unique and compact design, being 30% more efficient and reliable than the traditional use of AC transformers and inverters. They are also made for the digital future, which means that they will function as modular, plug and play devices that will offer software solutions.

We, at The Quantum Group, are happy to be part of GreenTech Village due to our belief that the transition toward a sustainable world cannot be done by a single company. Partnerships and collaborations are indispensable to bring cleantech projects to reality. Together with GreenTech Village, we have started building an ecosystem that streamlines innovation for the solution of problems that we face nowadays.