Around 70% of the global freshwater is used for agriculture where up to 50% is being wasted due to overwatering. Coupled with global warming and global population increase, we urgently need to bring down these numbers and improve productivity in food production processes to provide future food security.
IO-dit solves this problem by applying together two principles: measurement and control.
We design and develop systems that obtain relevant data from the soil and environment in real time and water valve controllers for irrigation management, allowing our customers to irrigate only when it’s necessary.
The product collects relevant data from the soil and environment, which can be displayed on smartphones or computers in a user friendly and professional way, allowing our customer to know when and how to irrigate or fertilize at their fingertips, which leads to saving around 30% of water.
Many farmers are already looking for such a solution and we believe to be able to grow rapidly within Europe once we are ready to reach the market, pointing to the right direction and growing our network with the help of the GreenTech Village.
As a green tech startup, we found the opportunity to join The Green Tech Village very interesting. We got relevant advice and useful knowledge that have helped us get traction during our early stage. Some of the most important goals we want to achieve with GTV is to establish a solid network, get special advisory, and access to investment.