“Today, only 1 % of materials remain in use 6 months after the product is sold. This leads to more than 22 billion tons of annual emissions of making new products. By applying circular strategies we can eliminate 39% of CO2. Yet, companies are hesitating due to a lack of data and proof of the benefits for them. Which we can provide.

loop-it is a digital deposit system where companies can track and manage their products. We provide every product with a digital ID. When giving out a product it is scanned and scanned again at return through our app, following the life-cycle of a product. This shows for example how many times a product has been reused to show its climate impact and economic savings. Thereby, we power circular business models, transparency and accountability with reliable data.

We joined GTV to collaborate with industrial partners, grow our market and expand to different industries. loop-it enables other companies to reuse, track and monitor their own circular products. We change linear production and consumption into a circular economy.”