Rebase Energy provides an AI-ready weather forecast data API and a platform for forecasting and optimization that empower energy companies in an API-first and fully modular way – users only use the parts  they need to succeed.

The Rebase Datahub is a unique AI-ready weather data API tailored for energy forecasting use cases. It aggregates global weather forecast data from several meteorological institutes and we store not only historical data, but also historical forecasts. This is crucial when developing machine learning algorithms to forecast for example energy supply and demand.

The Rebase Toolkit allows to operationalise AI-based energy forecasting models in just a couple of minutes. It’s a platform that allows users to develop machine learning energy forecasting algorithms at speed through iteration/backtesting and then deploy at scale the algorithms through our platform. Users can integrate historical weather forecast data and deploy a custom Python model class as a containerised machine learning energy forecasting model. Thereby users can take control and develop their own tailored weather-dependent energy forecasts based on the state-of-the-art open source machine learning libraries. The Toolkit also provides an easy way to integrate third-party energy forecast providers in order to perform blending and benchmarking.

Rebase teamed up with GTV to get access to a unique partner ecosystem and as part of international go-to-market strategy. Working together with other innovators allow us to learn from peers on do:s and don’t:s to maximize our potential for success as a startup.