“Vaquita Technologies’ digitalizes the water quality assessment to provide data of surface waters, storm waters and even process waters, making costly and burdensome water sampling by hand an obsolete process. Traditional sampling takes too much time and information can easily be lost between samples. We want to help you protect people and the planet by integrating smart cities, remote villages or water treatment plants, providing information about the water quality levels, and enabling lightning-quick detection of toxins so you can react before it is too late.
We aim to ensure healthy waters, everywhere, all the time. Our solution measures water quality parameters in real-time in the form of a monitoring station composed by customized sensors, renewable power sources and a design that blends with the environment. With the station, we provide a user-friendly software platform that not only allows visualizing the parameters, but also to receive alarms and notifications if something goes wrong. In addition, we offer a water quality forecasting system to prevent environmental damage even before it happens.
In our collaboration with the GreenTech Village, we aim to create a network of innovators with sustainability values to reach out further and create a positive impact, collaborations can be established and more people can benefit from our solution and other solutions in the network.”