As the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany, GTAI performs a number of important activities. As the center of a broad network at home and abroad, GTAI maintains close relationships with a number of partners.
GTAI is the first point of contact for Germany’s export-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector. Our business analysts regularly report on 120 countries and provide the knowledge base for planning and conducting foreign business activities.
GTAI is the first port of call at the federal level for foreign businesses that would like to learn about investment possibilities in Germany. To make investing in Germany as easy as possible, GTAI advises and supports foreign investors from market entry to locating in Germany.
Greentech, digitalization, and free market have been identified by the economy as global megatrends. These themes are at the top of our agenda in 2020. We deliver domestic and foreign companies with the background knowledge to be successful in these areas.

GTAI is the GTV´s go-to partner for accessing the German market and we have many meetings with GTV portfolio companies that want to take on Europe´s biggest market. GTAI will help you to set up shop there; we also share regular events with them as supporting partners, such as the Cleantech Capital Day or the Smart City World Expo in Barcelona.