Hansson Thyresson is a firm specialising in IP rights such as patents and trademarks. We love to meet people who are passionate about their business, exactly like the companies in GreenTech Village. Please get in touch with us for an initial consultation free of charge to help you find, and prioritise, the intellectual properties within your business that can be protected.
No matter if your company is small or large, offers services or consumer products, and irrespective of whether technical innovations are key to the business, there is always a need to discuss the intellectual property rights connected with your company.
We know a lot about patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, trade secrets, marketing and competition law, non-disclosure agreements – yes, essentially anything to do with IP law. We also know how important these topics are, and, sadly, how often they are forgotten. We have in-depth expertise in developing IP strategies, a service which is often very valuable not only in the long-term development of a business, but also initially in establishing your company and your brand name in the marketplace.
At Hansson Thyresson you will find patent attorneys with many years of collective experience in patent law and procedure. Our patent attorneys deal with inventions across a broad range of technologies, including Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Applied Physics, Artificial Intelligence and Software.
Cleantech Scandinavia and GreenTech Village are important networks for us, and we are pleased to offer all members a full-hour consultation free of charge with one of our patent or trademark attorneys. We also offer novelty searches and/or freedom-to-operate searches at competitive prices to give you a better idea of the IP landscape for your business.
Please feel free to contact us through the GTV team or directly at info@hanssonthyresson.se