We are Invest in Skåne, the official trade and investment promotion agency for the southernmost part of Sweden. As part of Business Region Skåne, which is owned by Region Skåne, the region council and municipalities of Skåne, our mission is to proactively promote the area to attract international investments and assist local businesses in expanding to international markets.
We are experienced business professionals with expertise in Skåne’s largest industries and key sectors. We’re excited about Skåne and are dedicated to ensuring it’s a world class business region.
All our services are free of charge.
Our overall goal is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Skåne, so that it can become a hub for international business opportunities, new technology developments, and the latest innovations.
We’re also part of the Enterprise Europe Network, which connects with more than 600 other organisations and agencies in over 60 countries. It’s the largest international support network for small and medium-sized enterprises.
If you’re part of an international company, we can help you establish and expand in Skåne. From navigating the necessary paperwork to register your business and providing customized market data and analysis to help with office site selection and staff recruitment, we’ll help you do business in Skåne.
If you’re part of a Skåne-based business, we can help you grow your company with international opportunities. From finding potential manufacturing partners and helping find distributors in new markets to advising on financing for international expansion and analysis on how to innovate, we’ll help you go global.
For us at the GTV, Invest in Skåne is a long-standing partner working in unison with us for bringing in international companies to the region. We work together both on events and trade missions as well as for individual companies, finding the best available and fitting contacts for them to get going on the local market. So if you are an int´l company wanting access to the market here, rest assured we will have your back.