Medicon Village creates a stimulating environment for co-ideation, co-creation and co-operation with a passion for intersecting ideas with reality to benefit humanity.
Everyone can help each other, share experiences and learn from each other. And this is one of the basic tenets of Medicon Village as a science park – a cluster with a concentration of competencies where the resultant synergy enables companies to develop faster than if they were working by themselves. We provide an open, innovation-rich environment that actively promotes wide-ranging cooperation between researchers and between large and small companies.
The village can be seen as a factory for the future housing the whole chain from research through innovation to commercialisation.
Perhaps it is no coincidence that the GTV is netled right in the centre of the Medicon Village as the shining beacon of sustainability technology in a medically-centred ecosystem. We owe a great debt to MV for their continued backing of our operations and provision of the common offices and support for the soft-landing opportunities.